logo design

Redtail is a developer-owned software firm catering to the financial advice industry, named for the CEO’s red-tailed golden retriever. This company was both cloud-based and dog-centric from its inception (officially 2003). While I firmly believe in embracing the nerd in all of us, its original nascar-meets-starwars logo was a little dated. My recommendation of a dog, directly relating to the name Redtail, was ultimately embraced, and the final logo lockup is a friendly, icon-like red dog, with the wag of its tail reflected in the curvy R of Redtail.

The developer-CEO was most comfortable with dev-style icons as a basis for the branded product logos. I introduced a simple circle-based system using slightly customized Streamline icons.
  • 2013—early 2020

Notre Dame High School
This Catholic girls’ school in downtown San Jose had been using a mash-up of older logos. I took one historic crown-and-shield, cleaned it up and digitized it, then added a consistent name and retro-modern type treatment. With a fresh, consistent color palette and stacked and horizontal versions of the final logo, I applied the new look to all their materials for a strong, bright brand, intended to last many years. This school has a great female-empowerment message and was an all-time favorite client of mine over many years!
  • 2008

This Sacramento non-profit leads the way for covering children who have no other health-care. They already had (have still) a great logotype, but wanted some new silhouettes and subsidiary logos for specific programs and events. Keeping within their brand and palette, I created some silhouette logos and type treatments to match. (I also designed a much-needed web site—not the current one—as well as print pieces.)
  • 2010+

Art Where Wild Things Are
Now an annual fundraiser for Effie Yeaw Nature Center and ARNHA in Sacramento, I was in on the ground floor, creating the event logo and event materials. Recently this auction became the EYNC Spring Gala and they asked me to create the new logo. This non-profit Nature Center and Preserve brings local wildlife as well as Native-American culture to hundreds of school children and families every year, some of whom have never seen real nature and animals firsthand. The Nature Center and the event are near and dear to my heart.
  • 2009—PRESENT

San Jose Public Library
The library came to the ad agency I worked for, wanting to create a look that was less about books and more about bringing the community together in many ways. Several designers took a crack at it but they liked my playful silhouettes against a logo-type. I created sub-graphics using each silhouette separately as well, allowing flexibility and fun.

This was years ago, but I'm happy to say they are still successfully using versions of this set in their brand and materials!

Antelle Cleaning Services
A very small mom-and-pop business, starting from scratch, came to me for a look that conveys friendliness, cleanliness and professionalism. It’s always fun working for start-ups and small businesses! I still love this one!
business logos
This is a mix of logos I did freelance and for the ad agency. I was very proud to create that art deco Hotel de Anza logo way back when they first renovated, using historic typefaces and architectural details. ASR is one of the oldest, and I found it online recently; not sure if they are still around or not! Hancock Park & DeLong is a local Sacramento firm I’ve helped out on and off. The Fremont Pacific logo won some awards!

small business logos
These were mostly done for personal friends—my favorite type of clients! Some are local to Sacramento area and some are older, from the Bay Area.

civic logos
Very proud to have contributed these logos! The Rancho Cordova Chamber Scramble is the most recent. The Peralta Adobe & Fallon House logo is still used on their sign in downtown San Jose: a victorian mansion combined with a historic adobe. The Santa Clara County Fair used this logo for several years, and the San Jose Public Market was the precursor to the San Pedro Square Public Market, also in downtown San Jose.

real estate logos
Well, like it or not, the 1980s saw a huge boom in both commercial and residential real estate; the agencies I worked for did a lot of business for these companies. That Wells Fargo Center is actually in Sacramento, and I worked on the logo as well as the “fancy” brochure, BC (before computer.)

education logos
I worked on these as a freelancer, several for Notre Dame High School and the others also proudly—I see that Eden Area ROP is still using the logo I created for them.

what might have been…
Okay, sometimes it’s hard to let go of favorite “rough” artwork. These were suggested but not used at different times for different clients. In some cases they went with other ideas I presented.