wiggly lines…
I’m not trained illustrator, and a wiggly line drawing is usually the extent of my illustration skills. My advice: let’s work with a pro. But if we can’t, sometimes we can work something out. Above are a few oddball things I’ve created over the years, starting with a favorite:

Waste Management needed a visual to go with an advice article about yard waste and composting, written by…Emily Compost! I got excited and ran out into the yard and put her together within an hour. She is by far one of my happiest design moments.

The bag illustration was for the same buddy-client, Catherine Pandori (I miss you, Catherine!), when she subsequently worked for Notre Dame High School: a cloth lunch-bag for the students.

In the middle is basically a marker sketch…the simpler the better!

At the bottom you’ll see the epitome of my drawing style: wiggly lines. This is from a cartoon calendar I made for my family back in the…mmm…possibly before you were born. I was ten. (That is a lie.)
Thinkin’ Lincoln
No budget for this promotion for a Science and Arts public high school; it needed to appeal to creative 9th graders who might want something different—so I drew the entire thing in markers.

sketches and ideas
This was just a concept for Redtail, created on Sketch.
early photoshop
This was an experiment in Photoshop illustration, used as a self-promo.
greeting card illustrations
For many years I produced my own holiday cards. These were drawn in Adobe Illustrator.
spot illustrations
Most designers do “spot” graphic illustrations. These are some I did for a Redtail University workbook and presentations.